Goodbye Concrete, Hello Pavers!

LA homeowners are updating their hardscape of poured concrete with pavers, and they have solid reasons for doing so. Concrete pavers can take four times the weight of concrete slabs. They are low-maintenance and offer easy replacement. You can simple remove the individual paver that has developed stains or cracks, and replace it with a new one. A concrete slab will need to be removed entirely when it starts showing signs of damage.

Another reason for the popularity of concrete pavers is the sheer amount of patterns, colors and textures you can possibly choose from, even combine, for a unique, striking effect. The flexibility to get creative with the design of your patio, outdoor kitchen or pool deck is especially important when you’re looking to improve the value and saleability of your property. You want to leave no stone unturned in drawing prospective buyers towards your home.

Traditional Versus New Paver Designs

If you’re interested in classic, tried and tested designs, you can consider concrete pavers installed in a running bond, basket weave or herringbone pattern.

  • In a running bond pattern, pavers are laid in rows that all run in the same direction. You can add more drama to this traditional pattern by using different color tones or borders.
  • A basket weave pattern uses rectangular pavers to create a block design. You can change the laying direction to create a modular design or alternate color tones for a contemporary twist.
  • A zig-zag pattern, technically known as a herringbone style as it resembles the bones in a fish, is another safe style. For a modern effect, you can add a contrasting border at the edges of the concrete pavers.

New paver styles take a different approach to their traditional counterparts. For instance, you can opt for asymmetrically shaped pavers with false joints to create the illusion of multiple shapes laid randomly. Or you can lay multi-shape pavers in different patterns to create a unique visual effect.

Modular shaped pavers in rectangular and square sizes can be laid in various patterns for a contemporary look. This style works best for large patios.

Options in Borders

Whether you need to install pool deck pavers, outdoor kitchen pavers or driveway concrete pavers, you can choose border designs to create more visual dynamism. Some border designs to explore are:

  • Sailor course, where rectangular pavers are added in a lengthwise pattern in a single row or multiple rows. You can use more than one type of paver to create a wide border.
  • Soldier course, where rectangular pavers are laid side-by-side in rows.
  • Inlaid, where contrasting patio borders can be incorporated inside the paver field.

Use Concrete Pavers to Create Focal Points or Indicate Transitions

An experienced Los Angeles pavers contractor can lay concrete pavers to create interesting focal points throughout your outdoor space. Alternatively, the purpose for laying concrete pavers can be to indicate a transition from one outdoor area to another. Along with other décor elements, you can define and set the character for each of your outdoor spaces.