Creative Ways to Elevate Lawn Aesthetics Using Pavers

Of the many ways to improve the look and functionality of a lawn, an increasingly popular one is the addition of landscape pavers. How exactly can green and concrete harmonize to enhance your outdoor space? Here’s a look.

landscape pavers
Belgard Catalina Grana with Tumbled Circle Kit Patio

Why You Should Consider Adding Pavers to Your Lawn

Concrete and greenery are a pretty common combination, but it can be made more enticing in certain ways:

  • Planting sod between the joints in your landscape pavers is a good alternative to sprinkling grass seeds. Sod can be cut to fit between the paver joints to offer a lush, neat look. It can also prevent weeds from emerging.
  • You can grow mazus grass – also known as creeping mazus – whose mat-like foliage is pretty, low-maintenance and resistant to moderate traffic. While mazus will not grow as much as your lawn grass, it is a great ground cover plant to pair with pavers.
  • Woolly thyme is extremely easy to grow and stays flat. You can plant thyme plugs in the spaces between landscape pavers. Woolly thyme also looks pleasing along a gravel path or as part of a drought-resistant garden. The bonus is that this perennial herb gives off a pleasant fragrance.

Incorporating Pavers Creatively

Patterns: Choose the paver pattern you feel suits your lawn best. You could opt for classic or newer interlocking paver designs. Timeless patterns are marked by simplicity, neatness and consistency. Paver designs can be arresting and eye-catching, but when overwhelming or complex, their appeal tends to diminish.

Combine with herbs and succulents: Besides the tips above on adding ground plants, you can also explore ways to incorporate herbs and succulents to landscape and patio pavers. While these plants harmonize against landscape pavers and make the area softer, understand how they will grow and behave to make the right choices.

A landscape paver contractor in San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and Los Angeles should be able to help you pick the right options in landscape pavers in accordance with your requirements.

Permeable Pavers Are a Sustainable Choice

The Environmental Protection Agency says that outdoor water use makes up 30%-60% of all residential water consumption. Any measure to save water should include your landscape.

Permeable pavers are an excellent option to consume water more responsibly and address the water scarcity issue. Their joints allow rainwater to flow through the open-graded base and into the ground or a storm sewer. They prevent standing water and also assist with water harvesting. If you live in a drought-stricken area, permeable pavers are a sensible option.

Permeable pavers don’t compromise on the look and feel of your landscape. They do not require a lot of maintenance and promise good durability. The vast choice in landscape pavers also makes them an attractive option for homeowners seeking a distinct and customized look.

Driveway Permeable Pavers
Paver Driveway in Arleta

Combine the Natural Beauty of Grass / Plants and Strength of Concrete

Create a welcoming lawn with the right landscape paving solutions. Expert installation will ensure a strong and durable paved surface that complements your outdoor greenery and makes your outdoors a joy to behold.