Professionally Installed Concrete Pavers

You should consider everything professional contractors take into account when installing pavers.

The seven steps paver contractors take to ensure a perfect driveway installation. 

Installing driveway pavers can enhance the curb appeal of your home and can increase its value. Pavers can also provide a durable and attractive surface for your driveway. Undertaking an installation project can be an intimidating project, and is almost always best left to professional contractors. Without professional expertise, important aspects can be overlooked such as municipal regulations or proper grading. Since the average homeowner does not know everything that contractors have to consider while installing driveway pavers, we have compiled a list of the critical steps they go through to ensure a flawless installation.

Down below, we will learn the detailed process of their driveway installations.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how the experts install driveway pavers.

They keep these key steps in mind so that their installations are made to the customer’s specifications and so that the project is up to municipal regulations. 

1. They help you create your unique paver driveway plan. 

The contractors have to speak with the customer to determine the budget, and design, and assess the driveway where the pavers will be installed. They will measure the area where the customer wants to install the driveway pavers and mark the boundaries. Then, they will help them consider the pattern, color, and design of the pavers that best fit their home and unique style. They also help homeowners think about the future maintenance of their driveway. Pavers are an investment and can need extra care! Some pavers are more resistant to staining and wear than others, so choose pavers that align with your long-term maintenance goals.

2. Professionals can help customers choose the best type of paver for their home.

Experts encourage their clients to visit local showrooms to see pavers in person. They will also drop off samples to their homes if requested. Professional installers have a better sense of the colors and textures available and this helps them give expertise to homeowners who might not know what color or finish will look best with their home. When choosing a driveway paver, professionals consider all factors, not just aesthetics. For instance, specific regions may experience freeze-thaw cycles that would require driveway pavers designed to withstand such conditions. The average homeowner wouldn’t necessarily know which paver would be perfect for their region. This is why it is always better to consult with local paver experts for guidance. They can help you in selecting the most suitable paver material for your climate.

3. Once the plan is made, they prepare the area to install the driveway pavers.

Some professional contractors will call your local utility company to mark underground utilities. Usually they are located at least three feet underground, so there is no danger of damaging the lines. This is a crucial safety step. A good professional contractor will ask homeowners to inform them of any drainage/plumbing/pool pipes that they may have and where they run, so that they can take extra care when excavating those areas. This practice ensures safety during excavation and prevents any damage happening to the lines. When clearing the area, they are thorough in removing all vegetation, including roots, as they can cause issues in the future. They also ensure your driveway has the right grade. Proper grading is vital to ensure that water flows away from your home’s foundation. These are some of the most important steps that they take to install your pavers perfectly.

4. After that, they select and lay the base material for the installation.

These are the steps they take to lay the base material:

  • First, they excavate the area to a depth of 7-10  inches, depending on the soil conditions and the paver thickness. They will know exactly how deep to excavate for your specific project.
  • For an added fee,contractors can install a geotextile fabric to help prevent weed growth.
  • After that, they will add a layer of Class 2 Road Base and then compact it using a mechanical compactor. These can be dangerous and need to be used by professionals.
  • To finish, they create a slight slope to allow for water runoff.
5. Next, they install your driveway pavers according to your design.

They start at one corner or edge and work their way across the area. Then, lay the pavers according to the customer’s chosen pattern while leaving a small gap between each paver for joint filling. They will also cut pavers as needed to fit the edges using a saw or chisel. This step can be difficult because they will have to cut through the paver to the exact measurements to round out the design.

6. They then press the pavers down into the base material and fill the joints.

After laying all the pavers, professionals use a mechanical plate compactor to press them firmly into the base material. This helps to prevent the pavers from shifting. Then, they will add a layer of joint sand over the pavers and sweep it into the gaps between each piece. They will have to compact the pavers again to ensure the sand settles and the pavers are stable. The experts then repeat the process until all joints are filled, and the pavers are level.

7. Optional step: they seal the driveway pavers.

Here are the expert tips they use to seal the driveway pavers flawlessly:

  • They apply a high-quality paver sealer, carefully over each paver.
  • The sealing process helps protect the pavers and needs to be done when the weather is dry.
  • They will always allow the sealer to dry completely before using the driveway.
Final Thoughts

The process of how to install driveway pavers is long and can be difficult for an amateur. Professional contractors know exactly how to assess a property to help a homeowner make the best choice that fits their driveway. There are several steps they go through to ensure a flawless installation every time, and they can help keep your pavers maintained so that they mature beautifully.