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Perfect Conditions
  • Large, flat and accessible areas that are an easy demolition.
  • Materials used are all the same size and color.
  • Few cuts will be required, and pavers are restrained by existing structures like walls or the sidewalk.
Difficult  Conditions
  • Poor accessibility where demolition has to be carried out by hand, and all pavers brought in by hand.
  • Hard demolition like concrete with rebar, and no room available for heavy machines.
  • Different sizes of stones and colors with lots of cutting.
  • The need for new restraints and steps installation.
Edge conditions
The outer edges of pavers will move or settle over time unless there is a good strategy for keeping them in place. Invisible support structures can be used and covered with soil or lawn. Anchor pavers can be used at the edges in some cases. A more expensive but effective choice is pouring a concrete strip. Each choice will add a different level of cost to the project in terms of materials and labor.
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4 piece combo
Antique cobble
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Thank you for reaching out to Titan Pavers. We are glad you found us! Unfortunately, our online calculator is not calibrated to accurately quote smaller projects. If you could please call our office at (818) 930-5776 to discuss your project details with our office manager, we will be happy to provide you with a ballpark range.

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* Estimated Pricing is based on using Industry Standard Pavers.

Price fluctuations may occur based on location, access, sloping, and drainage.

A physical inspection is required for final price determination.

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