Conserve Water with Permeable Pavers

On average, a family in the U.S. consumes 300 gallons or more water every day. While most of the utilization is indoors, 30 percent of the usage occurs outdoors. In drier areas and for landscapes that are water-intensive, the outdoor water consumption is higher. While more than a trillion gallons are going down the drain, each year, the quantity and quality of groundwater tables and reservoirs are compromised. Permeable pavers offer an ideal solution to conserve rainwater by minimizing runoff and enhancing groundwater absorption.

Titan Pavers is the leading name in the industry when the installation of high-quality permeable pavers is the top priority.

Why Conserve Water?

Lower groundwater levels lead to higher concentrations of pollutants while the water that runs off into reservoirs or lakes carry these contaminants. With World Bank predicting that two-thirds of the world’s population will not have access to fresh drinking water by 2025, conserving every drop of water is a top priority to households.

High levels of urbanization and concretization are the other key reasons why groundwater levels are dropping. Impervious surfaces such as asphalt allow only ten percent of rainwater to infiltrate shallow layers of the earth while a mere five percent enters the deeper layers, with the runoff being more than 55 percent. Surface runoff potentially carries with it toxic contaminants including chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, grease or oil into lakes, streams, and rivers. Pollutants in water endanger wildlife while also contaminating drinking water.

Permeable pavers installation is the ideal way to enable 25 percent of rainwater to infiltrate the deeper layers while an equal percentage enters the shallow layers with the runoff being restricted to ten percent. The porous, permeable pavers prevent water runoff and absorb the precious rainwater into the ground. Soil being a natural filter, it removes contaminants from runoff, allowing cleaner water to enter the earth, which ensures groundwater resources are free from contaminants.

Key Benefits of Using Permeable Pavers

Here are the key benefits of using permeable pavers for driveways, patio, walkways or landscaping:

  • Prevent overloading of sewers and drains by absorbing storm-water runoff.
  • Reduce flooding risk.
  • Minimize the risk of pollutants being carried into water reservoirs.
  • Recharge groundwater tables.
  • By improving rainwater absorption into the soil, the amount of water needed for irrigating the lawn, garden or landscapes is minimized. While permeable pavers save water, they also help save money on the water bill.
  • Reduce the “urban heat island” effect by cooling down surfaces.

Enhancing Outdoor Aesthetics with Permeable Pavers Installation

At Titan Pavers, a key area we specialize in is concerning the installation of interlocking permeable paving blocks. These blocks are designed specifically to bear vehicle load while allowing water to be absorbed into the ground.  While permeable pavers improve drainage in outdoor spaces, they act as natural water harvesting system.

Our streamlined installation process of permeable pavers facilitates water conservation while improving water quality. We have a highly experienced team of professionals who excel in the installation of permeable pavers for patios, driveways and other outdoor areas that enhance their aesthetic appeal much more effectively as compared to asphalt or standard concrete.

When it comes to pavers driveway or pavers patio, we offer multiple options in terms of colors, textures, patterns, and shapes. While these pavers are easy to install and low on maintenance, they feature contemporary designs and pleasing colors. Being traffic rated, permeable pavers are also ideal for high traffic areas where reduced runoff is required.