Paver Shapes and Sizes

Do you enjoy the rustic beauty of cobblestone walkways? Or do you lean more toward contemporary paving patterns, such as herringbone or geometrics? The look of your new driveway, courtyard, or patio depends much upon the size and shape of pavers used to create it. You can create a simple, minimalist hardscape to complement your new construction, or you can make it look rustic and time-worn to fit nicely with your 200-year-old home. There are few limitations when you choose to work with interlocking pavers. But it’s important to understand how paver sizes and shapes come together to create the interesting and unique patterns you want to achieve. Most paver companies have experts on staff who can help you with design and layout, but it’s good to have a basic understanding of what’s available before you begin shopping. 

Belgard Old World Pavers Victorian

Paver Shapes and Sizes

Pavers come in nearly an unlimited selection of shapes and sizes, though some have limitations regarding where you can use them. Pavers that are limited to pedestrian applications are not suitable for a paver driveway, for instance. And while, size-wise, you can find stones as small as 3×6 inches or as large as 12×12 inches, not all are suitable for every application. This is when it becomes helpful to have a paver professional helping bring your vision to life. Common paver shapes include:

  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Fan
  • Keylock
  • Hexagonal
  • Bishop hats

But there are others, too. And many paver collections feature similar stones of varying sizes that are placed in intricate patterns to add interest. Fan-shaped pavers, for example, make lovely concentric circles for your paver patio. And even simple squares and rectangles can be placed in such a way that they appear beautifully random. We’ve highlighted several of our more popular choices of paver below.


Cobble pavers are designed to recreate old, hand-laid stone, not unlike that used in ancient Mediterranean villas. Featuring both square and rectangular pavers of varying sizes that can range anywhere from 3×6 to 6×9 inches, they’re carefully placed to mimic a random pattern that’s interesting to the eye. Cobble pavers feature distressed, rounded edges and fit together snugly with no filler visible in the joints. The pavers appear to butt up against one another and are perfect for a paver patio, firepot area, driveway, walkway, or even a pool surround. Anywhere you want to invoke an Old World appeal, cobblestone is the paver of choice. 


Holland pavers use the same shape and size of stone in a repeated pattern to create a variety of different designs. One rectangular paver that measures roughly 4×8 inches can be placed to create patterns that mimic herringbone, staircase, brickwork or more. Lending a somewhat classic appeal, Holland pavers, with their sharply beveled edges, are beautifully complementary to modern and contemporary spaces. 

permeable holland-running bond


Love the appearance of rustic wood but cringe at the thought of maintaining it in an outdoor setting? Timberline pavers are the ideal solution. Crafted to mimic the look of natural wood plank, Timberline comes in a three-stone package of varying lengths to help you achieve that random, wood-look aesthetic. Stones are roughly 5.5 inches wide and range in length from 13 to over 35 inches. Offering all the beauty of wood, combined with all the durability of pavers, Timberline is suitable for most pedestrian applications, including walkways, pool surrounds, and patios. 

timberline stone adobe mocha


Keylock pavers feature a single style of stone, shaped like a keyhole. When placed together, Keyhole pavers look like two separate stones have been used. Featuring chamfered edges, Keylock pavers are available in two sizes and full range of colors to bring texture and beauty to your outdoor space. 

If you’re ready to begin planning the outdoor space you’ve always wanted, we invite you to consider the many benefits of pavers. They’re easy and affordable to install, highly durable, and deceptively easy to maintain. If one becomes damaged, it’s easy to pop it out and drop a new one in its place. Most importantly, however, pavers are beautiful and versatile choices for every landscape. Contact our paver company today to learn more!

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