The Growing Popularity of Modular Design and Large-Format Pavers

If you are looking to upgrade your landscape’s décor, there are a number of exciting outdoor design trends for you to consider. Two of these outdoor design trends that continue to grow in popularity are the trends of using modular design pavers and large-format pavers to construct walkways, paving stone driveways, pool decks, and more. If you are looking for the best pavers for your next outdoor project, modular design and large-format pavers are both well worth considering.

What are Large Format Pavers?

As the name suggests, these are pavers that are larger in size compared to standard pavers. This means that outdoor paver constructions that are built using large-format pavers will have fewer joining lines since fewer pavers are required to cover a given surface area. The result is a sleek and modern design that continues to grow in popularity. Best of all, large-format pavers come in a wide range of styles and materials, including large format porcelain pavers and interlocking concrete pavers. This gives homeowners plenty of exciting options to choose from when it comes time to select the large-format pavers that they will use for their next paver project.  

What is Modular Design?

Standard paver installation involves installing pavers that are all the same size in a relatively simple pattern. Modular design, on the other hand, entails using pavers of varying size and installing them in a more complex and non-standard pattern. The best part about modular design is the fact that there is a limitless number of creative ways to install your pavers and create a truly unique and one-of-kind pattern. Since non-conformity is the main point of the modular design trend, it’s possible to create an outdoor construction using a wide range of pavers. In fact, modular design constructions can even be built using a combination of standard pavers and large-format pavers. Thanks to the level of creativity that modular design affords when you are building a new paver patio or fire pit, modular design is a trend that continues to grow in popularity and one that is becoming increasingly common to see in landscapes across the country.

How Titan Pavers Can Help With Your Next Modular Design or Large Format Paver Project

At Titan Pavers, our paving and hardscaping professionals are experienced at creating a wide range of paver constructions, including modular design constructions and constructions that are built using large-format pavers. As the popularity of these two outdoor design trends continues to grow, more and more of our clients are requesting for us to help them build their next outdoor construction using either large-format pavers, modular design, or both. Fortunately, these are services that we excel at and services that we are proud to offer to clients throughout Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, and the surrounding area.

If you would like to learn more about how then paving experts at Titan Pavers can help with your next large-format paver or modular design project, feel free to request a free estimate!