Sealing Concrete Pavers: The How and Why and What to Consider

If you have decided to build a new patio, driveway, walkway, or any other hardscaping construction, concrete pavers are an ideal building material to use. Once your concrete paver construction is complete, though, you may want to consider sealing your pavers using a quality paver sealer. To help you out, we’ll take a look at why sealing concrete pavers is important as well as other key considerations to keep in mind before you hire a paving contractor to help you seal your concrete pavers. 

Why is Sealing Concrete Pavers Necessary?

Sealing your concrete pavers offers a number of important benefits, and even the best pavers in LA won’t be able to reach their full potential unless they are sealed. 

To start, sealing your pavers helps protect their surface from prolonged exposure to sunlight that would otherwise fade the paver’s color over time. If you would like your pavers to retain their bright, colorful finish for as long as possible then you will certainly want to have them sealed. Since paver sealer adds a glossy finish to the surface of your pavers, it can actually enhance their color as well. 

Secondly, paver sealer can help protect your pavers from being stained as well. By providing a surface that is completely impermeable to liquids, paver sealer makes it easy to wash away spills with no worry of permanent staining. Speaking of providing in impermeable surface, it’s also worth noting that permeable pavers can be sealed as well since permeable pavers are interlocking concrete pavers that allow water to permeate through the joints between the pavers rather than the pavers themselves. 

Lastly, sealing your pavers offers the benefit of strengthening your paver construction by hardening the joint sand in between your pavers, stabilizing the pavers against displacement and improving the overall durability of your construction. 

How Often Should Paver be Sealed?

Generally speaking, pavers will need to be sealed every three to five years after initially applying sealer. In some cases, though, pavers may need to be sealed more or less often than this. Your paving contractor will be able to help you determine exactly how often your pavers need to be sealed. 

What We Seal our Pavers With 

At Titan Pavers, we are committed to using only the best paver sealer on the market today purchased from renowned and reliable hardscaping brands. If you would like to ensure that the pavers used to build your outdoor construction as well as the paver sealer that is used to seal them are both of the highest possible quality then we at Titan Pavers are able to help. Best of all, we offer a number of different paver sealers that enable you to choose for yourself the product that best fits your project, budget, and any other wants or needs that you might have. 

If you’ve built a patio, driveway, walkway, or any other construction that is built using concrete pavers, sealing those pavers is one of the best decisions that you can make. To learn more about our industry-leading concrete paver sealing service, feel free to contact us today.