Pool Pavers FAQ: Durability, Safety, and Aesthetic Appeal

Q: What are pool pavers?

A: A pool paver refers to any paver that is used to construct a border and walking space around the edge of a pool. They can be made out of several different materials, including brick, concrete, and natural stone. Pool deck pavers are designed to fulfill a number of roles, including protecting the edges of your pool, providing a non-slip surface for swimmers to walk on, improving the aesthetics of your pool’s design, and more.

Q: Do pavers around a pool add value to your home?

A: Installing a paver pool deck will absolutely add value to your home. Thanks to their durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal, paver pool decks are a sought-after addition for many home buyers. This means that having a paver pool deck will make your home all the more attractive to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell it. Given how affordable it is to install pavers around a pool, investing in a paver pool deck is sure to give you plenty of return on your investment. It’s something that you and your family will be able to enjoy for as long as you own your home and something that could easily make it that much easier to sell your home for a good price if and when you choose to put it on the market.  

Q: Are pavers good around a pool?

A: Yes! If you own a pool, installing pool pavers on your pool deck is one of the best investments that you can make. To start, these pavers are incredibly durable and will protect the fragile edges of your pool from sustaining damage. Pool pavers are likewise stain-resistant and can protect the edges of your pool from being stained as well. In addition to providing a durable layer of protection for the edges of your pool, they are also coarse enough to provide a non-slip surface for swimmers to walk along, reducing the chances of someone slipping and injuring themselves on your pool deck. Lastly, pavers for pool can be bought in a wide range of materials and styles, enabling you to customize how your pool deck will look once the pavers have been installed. With all of this in mind, installing pavers around your pool is certainly a great option to consider. 

Q: How much does it cost to paver a pool deck?

A: The amount that it costs to paver a pool deck depends on a number of different factors, including the size of your pool deck, the pavers that you choose to install, your location, and any other specific requirements that you might have. On average, though, homeowners typically spend around $500-$1,000 to paver a pool deck. If you would like a more personalized quote on how much it will cost to paver your pool deck, feel free to contact us today. The pool paver experts at Titan Pavers will be happy to learn more about your project and provide you with a customized quote