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SF Rima

Rain water infiltration is important for the regeneration of valuable ground water and for the irrigation and cooling of surfaces. SF Rima permeable pavements reduce or eliminate stormwater runoff, decrease …

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Turfstone Concrete Grid Pavements are perfect for greenbelts that double as roadways, overflow parking, and fire access lanes. Turfstone pavements with established grass promote lower local air temperatures and substantially …

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Quarry Cobble

A mid-sized cobble in the Natural Collection with the rustic ambiance of natural stone. Quarry Cobble is a tumbled, non-chamfered stone, with a four-stone package that creates the warm feel …

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Royal Cobble I & II

The small-sized cobble in the Heritage Collection – beautiful renditions of old-world cobblestones. Royal Cobble has the softened, rounded “bread loaf” top, and its reduced scale is perfect for designs …

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A mainstay of the Geometric Collection, Serpentine’s angled sides maximizes the interlock of the pavement while offering visual vitality. Shapes & Sizes


An astounding number of layouts and designs distinguish Symetry® as the most versatile of pavers. Installed alone or with the 6×6 Square, dozens of layouts are possible – from classically, …

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The newest addition to Angelus Paving Stones is the Timberline concrete paving slab. Timberline is meticulously crafted to look like natural wood plank pavers. It combines the rich look of …

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